About Us

The drive behind Mask Production was borne of an interest in independent creativity, a desire to make an impact with a useful and clever product and the need for humor in the dark, early days of the Pandemic.
Our company is essentially made up of professional musicians who desire to make a positive difference in this world by any means possible.  Therefore, we stand behind our products and services 100% with a firm commitment to quality and service.  The founder has over 30 years experience as a music business manager, teacher, performer, and writer.  Her background includes a passionate interest in art, theater, literature and life itself.  It is from those sources that she derives most of her quips.  
The greatest pleasure we could imagine would be to visualize you, fully protected by comfortably wearing one (or two) of our masks, smiling at it's intent and wit.
Thank you for your support and please enjoy your mask!

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